Students must attend 85% of lectures to be entered into their final examinations. Students that are doing courses online must complete and submit all work to the tutor’s satisfaction to be entered for the examination.

Every opportunity will be used to convey to students and their employers the importance of regular and punctual attendance.

The tutor will examine attendance figures and these will be reflected in the student’s progress reports.

Absense Record

Students should inform their tutor/training centre if they are going to be absent from any lecture at least 24 hours before whenever possible.

Absence can only be authorised where valid proof of illness or emergencies is submitted to the training centre. Any student who is absent on three consecutive occasions, will receive a written warning and the student’s employer will be informed. If not resolved, this could result in dismissal.


Students arriving 15 minutes after the start of the session will be marked as late. In cases were a student begins to develop a pattern of lateness and absences the tutor will try to resolve the problem with student and employer.

Absence Notes

Notes received from employers/students explaining absence should be kept for the remainder of the academic year. If there are attendance concerns about the student that may require further investigation, then the notes will be retained in the students file.

Employer Responsibilities

As employer’s it is their responsibility to ensure that their trainees receive adequate education therefore they must make sure the student attends as many lessons as possible.

Holidays in Term Time

Holidays during term time are not encouraged however students will be assessed on a case by case basis if the situation arises.

Pregnancy During course

If a student is pregnant they should inform the tutor so that best arrangements can be put in place to enable the student to manage their studies while pregnant and help prepare for examinations.


If a student fails to cope with the demands of the course, they may be deferred to another intake, a deferral fee will be charged by the NEBDN and Dental Nurse Training. Students need to be aware that their ROE only stays valid for 3 years for the Diploma and 18 months for the post qualification certificates, regardless of deferred periods, this is the rule of the NEBDN not Dental Nurse Training.

Date reviewed: October 2019

Date to be reviewed: October 2020