Examination Entry

Examination Entry

  • Students need to be on the GDC register to be entered for any post qualification examination.
  • Students need to have attended at least 85% of lectures to be eligible to be entered for the exam, or have adequately completed any online courses.
  • Students need to have completed all tests and homework to the satisfaction of the tutor.
  • Records of experiences/competency need to be completed on time and to the standard that the tutor expects.
  • Any mock examinations outlined in the timetable must be completed by the student to be eligible for entry to the exam.
  • After the mock examinations have been taken the student/tutor will discuss if the student is ready for the examination. All ROC’s need to be of an acceptable standard regardless of how knowledgeable a student is, ROC completion is the first step of any course and a student may not continue to the exam until this has been completed satisfactorily.
  • If the tutor feels the student is not ready to sit the exam and the student agrees then the exam will be deferred to the next exam, the student will be made aware that this deferred period will be untutored support and will be charged a deferred fee.
  • If the tutor feels the student is ready to sit the exam and the student disagrees and they have paid for the course themselves then the exam will be deferred, the student will be made aware that this deferred period will be untutored support and charged a deferral fee. If the practice has paid they will need to be involved in the decision.
  • If the tutor feels the student is not ready and the student disagrees then the tutor needs to refer to whoever pays for the exams. If the employer is paying then they must be involved in the decision. If the employer agrees with the tutor and the student still wishes to sit they must fund the examination fee themselves. If the student pays for themselves then the tutor will consult the NEBDN and training course director to decide if entry is allowed. A deferral fee will apply if this decision is made. All additional fees are payable by the student/employer.

Resit Policy

  • The re sit paperwork cannot be processed until the resit fee has been paid
  • The tutor will provide reasonable free revision support to the student leading up to the retake. The type of revision offered will depend on what sections the student failed in the examination along with each individual students needs. An individual revision timetable will be set for each student. (Student’s that did not attend all the revision sessions will be offered revision sessions at the tutor’s discretion and may be charged a fee).

Excessive Timewasting

Failure to complete ROC/ROE’s within the agreed timeframe will result in students not being entered into the examination and could jeopardise their course place. If a student decides to continue with the course, deferral fees may be applied by Dental Nurse Training in addition to those set by the NEBDN. Deferral fees are determined by the completion status of the student ROC/ROE’s up to a maximum of £800 for the Diploma course, £100 for post graduate courses, and are at the tutor's discretion. If there are extenuating circumstances for missing the deadline these will be considered before determining a fee or the level of fee.

Date reviewed: October 2019

Date to be reviewed: October 2020