Fitness to Practice


Dental Nurse Training has procedures in place to ensure that all students are eligible to start their training with us, if however we find that a student’s fitness to practice comes into question during their training then the following protocol will be enforced.

A student’s fitness to practice may come into question if they do not follow the GDC’s fitness to practice standards at all times which are:

  • Put patient’s interests first
  • Communicate effectively with patient’s
  • Obtain valid consent
  • Maintain and protect patient’s information
  • Have a clear and effective complaints procedure
  • Work with colleagues in a way that is in patient’s best interests
  • Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills
  • Raise concerns if patients are at risk
  • Make sure your personal behaviour maintains patients confidence in you and the dental profession

If any of the above are brought to our attention Mrs Erica Clatworthy is the appointed person that would conduct investigations into any ‘fitness to practice’ case.


  • The student would be asked to give a full written report on the incident/s in question, any other people involved in the case would also be asked to put their account in writing and this will be reviewed by Erica Clatworthy.
  • The employer will be notified in writing/e-mail of the situation as soon as we are made aware.
  • A decision will then be made as to whether the student is still ‘fit to practice’.
  • If the student is found fit to continue all the relevant paperwork will be copied, one copy will stay with the training centre and another passed to the employer to keep on the staff file of the student in question.
  • If the student’s ‘fitness to practice’ is impaired a meeting will be arranged and the employer and Mrs Erica Clatworthy will decide on an appropriate course of action which may or may not involve informing the GDC
  • All discussions and meeting will be recorded and kept in our records for 7 years.

Date reviewed: October 2019

Date to be reviewed: October 2020