Student Enrolment

At Dental Nurse Training we aim to make a student’s enrolment onto a course as hassle free as possible. Over the years we have had the pleasure to train hundreds of students and with this experience believe that we make joining a training course with us simple and quick.

Application Form

An employer or student will complete an application form and either e-mail it or post it along with the deposit to the training administrator at

Enrolment certificate and receipt

Once the above has been received a receipt for your payment and a certificate to prove your member of staff is registered to begin a training course will be e-mailed to you, the certificate can be kept in the staff files ready for any possible CQC inspections.

Candidate registration form (CRF)

The NEBDN request a registration form about 28 days before the student is due to begin training. You will be contacted by the administrator to complete and return this form to us, once we have received that complete cohort of student’s documents and payment these can then be posted to the NEBDN to register you on the relevant course with our training centre, acquire your record of competency (ROC) and obtain your entry to the expected exam. You are usually contacted about 2 months before the course is due to begin to start this process. Post qualification courses will also require students to send a copy of their GDC certificates.

Welcome packs

At the same time as we e mail you the CRF, we will also e-mail both the student and Mentor separate welcome e-mails explaining the induction process leading up to the start of the course. There will be a training and refund agreement to sign, for diploma students there are 2 additional forms to complete from the NEBDN, a practice monitoring form and a service level agreement, your invoices will also be attached to this e-mail and are required to be settled 28 Days from invoicing, in the case of the diploma 2 invoices will be sent half of the payment required at each invoice to help spread the cost.

Login Details

All students will be sent log in details once all the above paperwork and payment has been completed and at this point students are requested to log in to complete the literacy test. The literacy test shows us that the students are all at a similar level to begin the course.

Textbooks & ROC's

Shortly after the course begins you will receive your course textbook and Record of competencies and you will be ready to begin the course. Each course has an induction lecture relevant to that syllabus and mentors/witnesses and the students are all required to attend this session to create a clear picture and understanding of the course ahead.

Date reviewed: October 2019

Date to be reviewed: October 2020