Diploma in Dental Nursing


The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing is a General Dental Council (GDC) recognised dental nursing qualification to prepare trainee dental nurses in the foundations of dental nursing, so they can demonstrate the highest standards in terms of knowledge, skills and professional attributes.



Course Fee

£1600 + NEBDN Registration Fee (currently £485)

Enrolment Fee

£185 (Non refundable but deducted from course fee once formal training starts)


All trainee dental nurses in practice need to be registered as “in training” with an accredited provider according to GDC guidelines.

A trainee dental nurse will be legal to work in surgery before the formal training with us begins, provided they are enrolled to start and have completed the employer’s induction training at the commencement of their employment. We will provide you with a certificate to keep in the dental nurses staff file to prove they are enrolled on our course. You may need this as proof for the CQC. Formal training needs to begin within 2 years of employment.

Induction and Lecture structure

The induction process will include a bespoke face to face or Zoom consultation with the practice. This will include the tutor, trainee dental nurse, Mentor and witnesses. During this process we will go through all the expectations of the course and ensure that each member of the team know their role in the training. Any paperwork will be completed at this time.

Every lecture has a presentation with a voiceover to guide you, presented in an easy to understand and methodical manner. Online tests and assessments are provided throughout the syllabus. If you choose face to face teaching the lectures will be held on a regular basis following a set timetable and you will have the same online support in addition to the tutored approach.


Students complete an “Electronic Record of Experience” with the NEBDN’s new and improved online platform called pebblepad. The system is easy to follow and complete. Pebblepad is compatible with a desktop or your mobile phone device you can download pebblepocket.

The eRoE is completed in the practice under the guidance and supervision of a registered Dentist/Dental Care Professional. The induction session will ensure everyone is aware of their roles and ready to start the course.

Surgery Time

The NEBDN do not stipulate a set amount of clinical time for a trainee dental nurse to be in surgery to complete the eRoE, the amount of surgery time needed can vary greatly depending on the trainee

and the rate they learn. We recommend that a dental nurse trainee should get as much clinical time as possible.


The first part of the examination is a written paper that will be taken online in November. It consists of multiple choice and extended multiple choice questions. Entry to the written exam is conditional on the record of experience being fully completed and signed off by the tutor, student and employing dentist.

OSCE Examination

Once the written examination has been passed the student can enter the practical part of the exam, it will consist of a number of OSCEs or Objective Structured Clinical Examinations. An OSCE is a multi-station examination in which candidates spend a fixed period of time at each station before moving on to the next. Stations may be set up in several different rooms. They require candidates to undertake a task, such as mixing impression material, setting out an instrument tray, or giving advice or an explanation to a real or simulated patient.

The OSCE examination is held at the end of January. During the covid-19 pandemic the NEBDN have moved the OSCE exam online and it differs slightly to the above structure. It is not been decided yet which route the OSCE’s will take in the future.

Diploma in Dental Nursing