Fluoride Varnish Application


NEBDN’s new qualification in Fluoride Varnish Application enables qualified dental nurses to provide effective fluoride varnish application within a community-based programme and/or on prescription from a dentist or as part of a structured dental health programme.



Course Fee

£500 + NEBDN Registration/ROC Fee (currently £95) NO EXAMINATION

Course Overview

The fluoride application course is a valuable qualification for dental nurses that are hoping to further their careers. This will appeal to any nurse that wishes to have a hands-on approach with the patients. All our courses are fully accredited by the NEBDN (National Examining Board of Dental Nurses). The extra benefit of this course is there is no final examination, however, students will need to complete the work within 9 months of registration.

The online course provides:

· Full tutor support and guidance via E-mail, telephone, or Zoom/Teams
· Personalised induction session with the student and mentor with comprehensive guidance on how to complete the course
· All educational material and guidance on how to complete the NEBDN pebblepad record of competence (ROC)
· All lectures with voiceovers to make learning easier and more enjoyable
· ROC provided in the cost of the course
· Personal student log-in to the training website
· Fluoride varnish NEBDN Syllabus comprehensively covered
· Personalised ROC completion plan to help keep students on track

The Certificate in fluoride varnish is for qualified dental nurses already on the GDC Register. Students enrolled on this course will need to keep up to date with the work and complete their ROC to a high standard within nine months of enrolling onto the course.

Course Structure

This post qualification certificate will require the direct supervision for each topical fluoride application by one or more witnesses within the practice. Any qualified member of staff can witness you applying fluoride to complete your ROC. You can have one or more witnesses, for example a hygienist, therapist or dentist.

The mentor is the person accepting overall responsibility to help you throughout your training mentally and they do not have to witness you. Your tutor will contact the mentor with progress reports to inform them of your academic progress and to get feedback on your clinical progress.

The ROC workbook will consist of the following:
15 Practical competency assessment sheets (PCAS)
11 supplementary outcomes (SO’s)

Fluoride Varnish Application