Achieving Together

At DNT we recognise that many students when learning are more confident to speak up in a small group or on their own with the tutor. The opportunity is always there to email but we also like to schedule 1-2-1 sessions as well.

I wish I had a pound for every time a student says to me, ‘I wanted to ask you this but didn’t want to sound silly in front of the group’

Group learning is a valuable tool that we use for our diploma course.

However we never underestimate the value of a 1-2-1 session with our students as well. Often students do not like to speak up in groups, they are relieved if someone asks the question that they really wanted to ask but just couldn’t. Sometimes that question never comes up and goes unanswered.

Using both group and individual sessions helps us as a centre to make sure that every student gets an equal opportunity to be heard and helped.

Group sessions are not organised for our post-certificate courses as everyone can start the courses at different times and students progress at different rates but we will always arrange a 1-2-1 session whenever requested and these can be carried out via teams or the phone. Whichever the student prefers.

If you are enrolled with DNT do not ever hesitate to contact us for a 1-2-1 session.