Exam Preparation

Students naturally get stressed and worried leading up to their final exams. I remember this feeling from when I studied hygiene!

It is really important to find your way as a learner and to revise using your strengths. Here are some tips you may find useful. Make yourself a timetable and stick to it. Don’t work for longer than you planned but equally don’t put it off until ‘tomorrow’. Having scheduled breaks is healthy for you. Make sure you get some fresh air and do something you enjoy in-between the revision.

You can test yourself using spider diagrams, flashcards, reading textbooks, looking over the lectures again, asking your colleagues to test you on topics, you can ask your clinicians questions and get them to explain things to you in depth about procedures or topics. Make sure you give all the post operative advice and anything that involves speaking directly to patients yourself.

You can always speak to your tutor if you need guidance to make a timetable to suit you.